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No~tears is a non-profit organization,has been launched to initiate awareness in education and sensitive to the natural environment in our day-to-day life.The main motto of the site is to increase the awareness of environmental issues that affect the future of the planet. Its U and not only me. Join Us and make the difference to preserve our planet.


Roots from : Animal Planet

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Join us to save planet
Roots from : Animal Planet

People are much are more interested in well being of their child's health and safety through out their life.Much more worried about environment these days. Its difficult to have a natural breeze. Suggest things to go green! You are free to post your comments


Anonymous said...

Here are few tips to save power. The table shows the power consumption of different devices.
Typical 17" CRT 80 watts
Typical 17" LCD 35 watts
17" CRT,mostly white (blank window) 63 watts
17" CRT,mostly black (black ) 54 watts
Screen saver (any image on screen) same as above
Sleeping monitor (dark screen) 0-15 watts
Monitor turned off at switch 0-10 watts

Anonymous said...

தமிழகம் உங்களை,உலக செம்மொழி மாநாட்டிற்கு அழைக்கிறது - நல்வரவு.

வாழ்கை இழந்தவனும் ! பாதை இழந்தவனும் ஆங்கிலம் படித்தவனும், தாய் நாட்டையே கேலி செய்வார்கள்

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